In recent days cleaning services has earned an outstanding response both in domestic and commercial sectors. Office Cleaning Services is by the side of you to provide both the services. Quality service is our primary objective for our valuable clients. We Office Cleaning Services are exceptional for our experts and long term experience.

What is Domestic and Commercial Cleaning Services?

Mainly, two types of cleaning services are an offer by most of the cleaning service providers – one is domestic cleaning and the one is commercial cleaning. Domestic cleaning services are provided for residential areas and commercial cleaning is available for a business or corporate field. Commercial cleaning methods are also different from domestic cleaning. Generally, the company is using powerful and high capacity tools for commercial purposes. Domestic cleaning is free from difficulty with comparing to commercial cleaning. Commercial cleaning techniques are maintained for large commercial establishments while domestic cleaning is maintained for a small area. Commercial cleaning services are generally provided in off-peak hours for their using purpose. However, domestic cleaning services are provided in a convenient time required by the house owners.

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Domestic Cleaning Services Provided by Us

We Office Cleaning Services provide a quality cleaning service. As the living place is of paramount importance to us so, we are very careful about the proper cleaning of domestic areas. We provide cleaning services for living rooms, dining rooms, guest rooms, kitchen, and bathroom along with rooftops. After cleaning, you will get a glittering and glossy appearance. Carpet cleaning for domestic purposes is also done by our well-skilled cleaners. To remove the stain modern technology comes in handy. At the time of cleaning upholstery, you will find our staff very carefully. Besides, we provide you window cleaning, exterior cleaning, stairs, and elevator cleaning and so on.

Commercial Cleaning Services Provided by Us

We render several numbers of commercial cleaning services. Different types of commercial cleaning that we provide are office space, shopping centers, hospitals, banks, retail stores, schools, and resort cleaning. Along these, we are quite adept at the factory or industrial cleaning. Proper maintenance is very crucial for the complex arrangement of a factory. Our well-skilled workers are very careful at the time of cleaning factory equipment. Laboratory cleaning, elevator cleaning, air duct, and vent cleaning services are in use as part of commercial cleaning services..


Once for all, we Office Cleaning Services are careful about the safety of people and of the environment. For this reason, we use non-toxic and eco-friendly chemicals for both types of cleaning. We want to mark a positive impression on your mind by providing you efficient services. Therefore, you can rely on us for the best treatment of your property.

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